Using these four colours, combined indifferent ratios, the potential is limitless!!

Welcome To The Sublimation Printers

The Sublimation Printers are experienced in all aspects of digital printing technologies, from Photography through to graphic design, and culminating in our specialty, digital sublimation printing.


For Fashion printing, Sublimation is ideal, creatingy stunning images imaginable. the most colourful and visual

Digital Age

We truly are in a digital world.

Sublimation Specialists

The Sublimation Printers specialise in sublimation printing, after many years in the industry we have established a wealth of experience and passion for design and print. We are based in the rolling hills of the north at the heart of England's original textile capital, within White Rose Mill's an original textile mill steeped in history. We are now working with cutting edge print technology to continue the tradition and hopefully make our own mark in history. We offer a bespoke printing service to suit our clients needs from one-offs, small runs through to large dockets. We provide an exclusive service which caters for all aspects of garment printing from our digitized pattern and design service, colour and garment sampling and paper printing through to completed garments. We at the Sublimation printers are perfectionists and have spent many years perfecting crisp, clear, vibrant colour and designs for our clients.We can provide a service tailored to suit your needs from design and print only through, to cut make and trim. We have excellent lead times and due to our production been all based in the North we can work to achieve your business needs. We welcome your call from initial enquiry through to print or garment making and guarantee are customer service, in this faceless world we have around the internet we welcome visitors or can make arrangements to visit you.

Digital Novice

We understand at the Sublimation Printers that not everyone has the experience and technology to provide the required digital artwork, so we have an in-house department of experts who will be able to work with you to achieve your business needs. We can work from your current artwork or complete our briefing documents and we will work with your concept to achieve the design your business requires.


Call us now on 01422 292849 for more information, to view our work or talk to a member of our team